Our mission is to link security technology to the security requirements of modern business and deliver a high level of service to organisations which require best practice methods, thus enhancing quality outcomes.

Our Promise

Our promise is to live up to our customer's expectations,
But to also deliver more than our customers expect.

We also promise to care for our customers,
As our customers will ultimately care for us.


Health & Safety Commitment

It is the policy of SE Security to promote and maintain the highest degree of health and safety of all the staff in the workplace. Our company has developed a series of procedures and programs that support our Occupational Health and Safety commitment.

We continuously train our employees and contractors in health and safety issues, ensuring their own protection and that of our clients.

SE Security is heavily involved in the petroleum industry and is therefore required to ensure that excellent health and safety standards are upheld in the workplace.

All our staff approach health and safety issues with up most responsibility whether on-site, in the office or in their vehicles.