Do you have sensitive information stored in certain areas of your building? Are strangers walking straight into your Building without being identified? Do your employees work out of hours and weekends? Is it important for you to know who has entered your building, when they entered and for how long?
If any of the above questions can only be answered by a "YES", then you may need to speak to one of our security staff, to discuss the ongoing security of your building.
Access Control is the management of which person has access to what door and when. By allocating an Access Control Card to a member of your staff, you are able to program that card identification to open electronic locks fitted to doors at particular days and times. The management Software will allow you to program the access levels pertaining to various members of your staff and also allow you to extract an audit trail as to staff movements within that building.
For confidential discussion and assessment on how SE Security can design an Access Control System solution to suit your needs, please contact our office.